About TNEB

TNEB Ltd (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Limited) is a company of Tamil Nadu state government for energy distribution. Under section 131 of electricity act 2003, TNEB was founded as holding company of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

TNEB was founded on first of July 1957 as Madras State Electricity Board as a successor of Tamil Naidu State Electricity Department which responsible for energy/electricity distribution, transmission, generation and regulation of state electricity supply. On 8th October 2008 Tamil Naidu State Government decided to establish two subsidiary companies of TNEB Limited. First one is TANGEDCO (Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited) which is responsible for energy generation and second one is TANTRANSCO (Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited) which is responsible for energy transmission.

Below are the members of Board of directors of TNEB-

Chairman cum Managing Director
Part time Directors
    Managing Director of TANTRANSCO
    Director - Generation/TANGEDCO
    Director - Distribution/TANGEDCO
    Director - Finance/TANGEDCO
Ex - Officio Directors
    Secretary to Government, Finance Department
    Secretary to Government, Energy
    Secretary to Government, Industries Department